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The history of our company started when Anthony Kreisl came to the United States from Germany and started Kreisl Co. in 1915, which was a custom kill operation. Anthony was trained by a "mentor" in the old world style of slaughter and was actually a certified veterinarian. Anthony had 3 sons, William, Henry, and Fred. William worked in the custom kill with his father while Henry went to work for Swift Co. in Baltimore. While working for Swift Co., Henry learned the techniques of the modern hog slaughter operation. Upon returning to work with his father and brother, he brought the knowledge with him.

Henry Kreisl in 1965

Meat case in our retail store
The business expanded with a new hog abattoir line, sausage kitchen, lard rendering, and retail store which complemented the original business in cattle, calves, and sheep. The business grew, but times were not so pleasant. A family business is not easy to hold together and pressures began to push the brothers apart. Henry acquired a plant named "Strawberry Brand" while William stayed at Kreisl Co.

Henry's plant was one of the top 200 plants in the country. It included full slaughtering, processing, rendering, and even an ice plant. The business transfered to another building and took on the name "Shamokin Packing Co.", selling under the "Chief Brand" logo. With the added business, "Chief" grew overnight and prospered.

Hazle Park Lake at Night

Henry Kreisl III

Henry's family decided to return to the Hazleton area and start their own company. A new piece of ground was needed to build the new proccessing plant. The ground Henry bought was formerly an amusement park and railroad repair yard called "Hazle Park". The original building was erected in 1964 and "Hazle Park Packing Co." was officially incorporated and opened in 1965.



  "Hazle Park Packing Co." underwent a major expansion in the early 1990's, which doubled the size. We now also have three retail stores, a cold storage, and a trucking company to add to the support of the facility. Through the years our company has worked and relied on the original recipes we started with. Only minor changes have been made to accommodate the new regulations set by the U.S.D.A.